Pressure Washing Deck Tips and Tricks

Pressure Washing Deck

Pressure washing your deck is not just a good idea if you are doing it yourself, but it’s also a fun way to clean and maintain your deck. However, you need to be careful about how you prepare your deck before pressure washing it.

Let the Deck Dry

The first thing you will want to do before you use your deck cleaning equipment is to make sure that the deck is completely dry. If you’ve just finished cleaning it, then you should wait an hour or so before you start using your cleaning products. Remember, even though you’ve cleaned the deck last, it may still be damp from a previous spill, so you don’t want to put too much pressure on it before you dry it off completely.

Once you have finished cleaning your deck completely, you’ll want to check for signs of water stains. You should do this by holding a wet cloth over the surface of the deck and observing the color of the liquid that falls out. If there is a lot of moisture on the surface, then you can assume that the stain is present.

You’ll need to thoroughly clean the stain. This will help to get rid of the water stain and also get rid of any other stains that might be present on the surface. You should use a chemical-based product that is specially formulated to remove stains from hardwood, tile, or concrete.

Pressure Washing Deck


For most decks, you’ll want to waterproof them prior to applying the chemicals. There are two main types of waterproofing materials you can use. You can use either an epoxy or a rubber membrane.

If you are going to use the epoxy sealer, then you will need to mix the mixture the day before you plan to do your pressure washing. This will give you a couple of hours of preparation time. Once you’ve mixed the product, you’ll want to mix a two to one ratio of water to the mixture.

After you’ve applied the epoxy sealer, you will want to follow the instructions to do your pressure washing deck to remove a stain. You should use your appropriate equipment to clean the deck. There are a few different options for this, including:


Using a squeegee to clean the deck is not recommended. Even though you can remove most stains with a squeegee, they are not designed to remove stains from wood, which can be very difficult. To remove a stain with a squeegee, you’ll need to use a brush to scrub away at the affected area until you are left with a powdery material.

A paintbrush is another common stain removal process. While this process is easier to do than cleaning with a squeegee, it can be a little difficult to get out stains with a paintbrush. It’s important to have patience as you work to remove the stain.

Final Preparations

If you are going to use a pressure washer to remove a stain, then you will need to do several things before you begin. First, you’ll need to put on protective clothing. This will protect you from the chemicals you are about to use and will also provide you with a working environment that is safe for your family.

Next, you’ll need to wet the deck lightly before you begin the process. You will need to use a sponge to spread the moisture onto the deck. You will also need to ensure that you get your whole deck wet and not just a portion of it.

You should also have water on hand to wash off the deck after you are done. You should rinse the deck with water and dry it thoroughly. Remember to take proper care of your deck before you begin to pressure wash it.

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